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How Does The Food Get From One Place To Another

AtRandamu Anime, we want to ensure that we build the best anime experience for you! That's why all orders will be back on the day of delivery to ensure quality control and freshness of all the ingredients! We will hand-deliver every Saturday so that you will be able to enjoy your food while watching your favourite anime! Feel that our store is lacking? Want to work together with us? Please feel free to email us atrandamuanime@gmail.comand let us know what addition you would like to see next on drop!

Why We Started This, and Why Buy From US?

We realised that people these days want to have a better connection to what they watch and what better way to do this by bringing the experience of cooking foods that is shown in the show hassle-free! We may not be able to bring the characters to life, but we can bring to you the experience one may feel about the food and characters they see in their favourite anime

Are Our Meal Kits Halal/Kosher Friendly?

Unfortunately at the moment, none of our meal kits are Halal or Kosher friendly at the moment! However, fret not, in the future we plan to cater to a new target segment. Thus, do keep a look-out for updates from us via our Instagram!

How Long Does Our Processing Time & Shipping Take?

Please refer to ourShipping& Delivery Page for information regarding our Delivery - Processing Time & Shipping.